In silence

Into tomorrow
I journey
Across space
And across time

Seeking again
Little bits of myself
That the winds of yesteryears
Have blown away

And so I return to you
My dear friend
Who years past proved your worth:

With you beside me
I found
The first sights of myself
And the resulting joy

The most recent years however,
In the heat of battles past,
Have taken you away from me
And the comfort of your fellowship

It is you I seek again
In strange lands
Among strange people
In strange times

The future calls
I need the words to answer
I found them with you once
I hope to find them again

That I might have
Hands to receive
What the future holds
In her hands

The time comes
To chart an eternal course
To make a mark
That cannot be erased nor forgotten

That my hands would be strengthened
That my heart be made steady and true
That my ears be careful to hear
That my eyes would see the future

It is time again
To taste tomorrow
First from afar
And then forever.

To be beautiful

What does it feel like
To be beautiful
I will never know
It appears

I am not beautiful
I probably
Will be

But I wonder
About the gifts
That fall into
The laps of the beautiful

About the many
That seek
Their favour
Their attention

How long
Does it last
This beauty
What does it do to those so gifted

To be beautiful
A blessing or a curse
I wonder
And probably ever shall

The perfect nose
Perfect lips
Bewitching eyes and other such definitions
I shall never know as mine

The lust to possess
Shall never
Be directed at me
It appears

The attendance of admirers
The envy of peers
Shall never
Have me as subject

What of my soul
Is it not

My soul
Lies unseen
By passersby

No glory
Is ascribed
To the beauty
Of my unseen soul

One wonders
What use
Is beauty
If it is unseen by others

What use
If it does not bring
The adoration of admirers
And the envy of those less fortunate

I shall
Never know
This as well

Who knows
If my soul
Is beautiful
Who has seen it

Perhaps not even I
And so I shall always wonder
What it feels like
To be beautiful.

Seeking escape

At quite a pace
My mind walks
Skipping through
Seeking escape

From realities aplenty
One of age
Another of loneliness
Yet another
Of the bleakness
That stares one in the face

I was made
For better times than these
Yet these times
Have held me in their grasp
I did not choose them

I did not choose
These times
Or time
Many days
I long for the grasp of eternity

I hear
The clasp of its hand
Is strong
And would draw one in
If one forgot oneself

It matters little to me
Many days at least
For I have come
To a time of despair
This my mind would shield me from

As it walks
Skipping through
Seeking escape.

To the old gods and new

My eyes are dry
From the multitude of my tears
There are none left to cry
Bitterness is all that remains

My dreams have been burnt down
By the fierce fires of reality
I am a man betrayed
By the ideals and gods I worshipped

I worshipped mercy
Love and chivalry
Yet here I lie alone
They have forsaken me

They have forced me to seek out other gods
Indifference, loneliness
These demand little
And make no empty promises

Again I am reminded
The gods are dust
Callous at best
Fickle they all are

To all the gods
Old and new
I make this solemn plea
To all the gods that have ears yet to hear

Torment me not anymore
I weary of it
Give me a simple life
And I will be satisfied

I do not ask for love
Or for any great excitement
Days and night
Are the only excitement I require

I have ceased to believe
In the promises of men
And women
I would not hear more

All lie
There is no such beast as love
The tales we heard were lies
All that abounds is selfishness

I do not require love
Give me rather
A piece of meat
And a belly to hold it

Why desire friendship when companionship will do
At least one knows what one will get
And one is saved from disappointment
Is this not enough

I remember
Once in a while
Who I was
Who I may never be again

I remember passion
I remember fire
It was for too short a season

All I want today is silence
Till my bones be buried
And sound finally ceases
This is all I ask for.

Archives: Can these things be?

Can life give greater satisfaction
Can pulsating excitement
Burst into the ecstasy of living
Can I be who I was born to be

Can I hold your smile in my hands
Look into your eyes and see destiny
Can I awake out of death
Leaving my clay cave to vibrant sunshine

Can you make it happen again and again
Though it never stopped happening
Will the pain leave my heart
Never to return

Will my home welcome me
And shelter me forever
Let it be
As only you can

Can the sun fall out of the sky
And consume our world
Can the rains endlessly pour
Till the Earth be flooded and there be no ark

Can you still rain on me
Affection divine
Can I seek the scent of you
In the dew of the morning

Can blood leap from my skin
And become your forever
Can the dream speak
And keep speaking till all be accomplished?

Archives: Sad tale

Do we have to say goodbye so soon
Do we have to walk away
Do we have to wake up from this dream
Does reality have to be so difficult

Why can’t the world be simple
Why can’t we just be
Why can’t we live forever
In this world we’ve created where love is forever

I walked in Eden and found Eve
I walked the Earth and found a dream
I met you and found it’s you
The dream I always dreamed

I perused Hades and found pain
The pain you’d borne for so long
I sought the light of the sun
And found it in the brightness of your smile

Have you met the man in the mirror
The one who looks just like me
He loved you and always will
Sadly I do not know anymore if I am he.

Archives: Till I see you again

I don’t want to remember you while you are away
I wish I would not though I know I will
For the memories would make me twist and turn
As I lie on my lonely pallet
I’ll walk streets that would remain empty
Till you walk them with me again
My eyes would sting in mourning
The sun would greet me at dawn
With a battered and bruised face ,shining
With not as much brightness
As days we welcome it together
The moon would mock me till I weep
Ah! Tears would be my comfort till I sleep
Days would lose their colour
Nights would lose their gaiety
And assume deathly pallor
With the light you bring, absent
A heart would mourn
Arms would lie weary
Backs would slump
Eyes, ever teary
Till the dawn of your coming
When light will again shine
Music will resume in my heart
And I will arise as from the dead
Till that day my eyes will miss the sight of you
The sound of your voice will linger in my ears
And my arms will eagerly await you
Till I see you again.