Let’s not talk about it

I’m afraid to say
The words
That linger in my heart
Though I try not to think about them

What if
You don’t feel
The way I do
And never will

So rather than risk
My heart getting broken again
I don’t want to say the words
Despite how crazy I’m going

My heart has taken
Too long a holiday from loving
And I feel ready
To love again

But I just can’t find the words
The strength to begin again
This eternal conversation
Of hearts, love and forever

You’ve made me
Want to love again
You make it easy to love you
And I’m helpless against the magic of you

But my lips can’t seem
To put the words together
That can make us be
What my heart wants us to

I stay silent
And just say
Let’s not talk about it.

This one night: Romeo and Juliet

The future
No one can tell
The past
Is dead and gone

But today
And tonight
The present
Gifted to men

In this present I ask
From you for whom my heart beats
Though I know not your name
Your true name

Let me be
This one night
Your husband
If only for a night

Let us
Sing the song
And dance the dance of lovers
If only for this night.

You loved me once

You would call for me
And seek for me
And finding me
You would not let go
Not for a long time

That was long ago
When you were a child
Innocent in your ways
I want to believe
You loved me once

These days are not like those
I scream silently
You would not heed my call
Nor come to me
However long I cry

In those days
I was perfect in your eyes
And you considered yourself undeserving
And thanked me endlessly
For the precious moments together

I have lost my shine
If only in your eyes
My loving you
Has taken away my perfection
A sad tale

We long for the unattainable
Just until we attain
And then our treasures
Become filth
Our eyes clear

This is the way of the world
Sadly this is not my way
All I have left are the memories
And all I say is
You loved me once.

Soft spot

Every time
A thought
Crosses my mind

Every time
I remember

At my heart

For long
I wondered
What it could mean

I can say is
I’ve got a soft spot for you

Your mistakes and misdeeds
Matter little
In the light of this

They hurt
More than they would have
If this wasn’t the case

Somehow you did this
Even if you don’t know how
You have me wrapped around you little finger

I want to hope
This tale ends happily
But there’s no way to know

The years have not been kind though
And neither have you
Maybe it’s because you know

That regardless of what you do
One way or another
I’ve got a soft spot for you.

Would you love me …?

I cannot say why it seems
You just don’t
Want to get with me

My mind
Spurred to action
As my heart bleeds
Can only ask the questions

Would you love me
If I was taller
Or more handsome

Would you love me
If I had
A little more money
And a fancy car

Would you love me
If my name
Is in the news
Time and again

Would you love me
If I was
From what I am

What I am
What I am

Perhaps someday
That can change
But whatever it is I become
Would you love me anyway?

Not about me

It eats you up
But you cannot say
Just how much you wish
That this swan song
Could be sung another way
Swing my way
And stay with me
So that it’s my eyes you look into
My arms that hold you
And my body you caress
What we see instead
Is that I am the confessor
I hear the tale
But it is not about me
At least not this time.