That was yesterday

I remember it
But it was yesterday

It was yesterday
That I loved you

That I spent every waking hour
Thinking about you

It was yesterday
That my mind obsessed over you

Refusing to let go
Of its worship of you

Despite the pain you rewarded me with
That was yesterday

Today is another day
Presenting limitless opportunities to live and love

Of love, life and lies

Torment me
Like only you can
Bring me I pray you
As much pain as you can

For I would rather
Feel pain
Than the nothingness
I feel

Wherever Venus
Deems fit to appear
Whether in furs or not
Just as long as she appears

The flashes of you
Quick stabs to my heart
An assailant I see too late
To defend myself against

They called it love
I believed them
They did not tell me
That Cupid’s arrow would cause me pain

If I had known
Would I have loved still
If someone had told me
Would I have believed

I believed
What the poets and playwrights told me
Of the beast they called love
Which they urged us to worship

Little did I know
That they were her priests
Drawing men to her temple
To be robbed and slaughtered just like they were

These corpses of men that refused to die
Spun us tales of love
Omitting the episodes of pain
We would all come to know too well

Deceivers they were
As guilty as the one they worshipped
Alas it is too late
To undo the works of their hands

I have lived
I have loved
I have been robbed
I have been slaughtered

All that remains
Is this voice and this hollow tale
Screaming of the injustices
Of love,life and lies.

Handwriting on the wall

You have been weighed
And been found wanting

Your offerings have been deemed
To be not sufficient for these goddess

Worshiped far and near
She has become a little more selective

And so you would do better
Not to bother at all

For that is her name

At least so it was
When I first heard of her

She has assumed since then
Many names and many guises

Some unworthy of her
Some unprintable

Like many worshippers before me
I offered and offered

Like many before me
My offerings suffered the fate of filth

Sometimes she is just a little merciful
She does not speak but writes

And seeing the handwriting on the wall
The supplicant knows his fate

As I have
More times than I would like

Found wanting I renounce
The worship of such a deity as this

In my anger and hunger
My heart turns away from her

Who has caused me unimaginable pain
Like many before me.


Is taking forever
To find

Everything reminds me of you
Who I would forget
If I could

That face that launched
A thousand ships
My Helen of Troy

My ships have set sail
And I am now adrift
Spinning in the storm that you are

And yet you are
Absent from it all
While I spin without end

Spinning up webs
Lost in you
My eyes closed

I smell rain
I smell you
Though my arms are empty

It must be
From the last time
Or my last dream of you

Invading my days and my nights
Leading me on
A sheep to the slaughter

Pieces of me scattered abroad
I stand

No flesh, no bones
Only a soul longing
For forever, for you.

You who my eyes do not know

Someday soon
I will find myself
In your arms again
Be it in life or in death

Time will pass
Seasons will change
But I will desire nowhere else
But the home of your arms

I will know
The charms of none other
I will seek
No one else but you

Whom my heart knows
Though my eyes do not
You who has plagued my dreams
And every waking hour

I will find you again
And it will be
As it has forever been
If only in my heart

My heart has known you
My days have sought you
My dreams are empty without you
Who my eyes do not know

And will not
Till the day that time will cease
And I come to life
Never to die again.