I found her

I found her
In the catacombs
I found her

Whom my heart sought
As it cried night and day
And would not be comforted

I found her
After eight years
In the valley of dry bones

That desert place
Where I sought honey
Till I found her

The one of whom
Every lovesong spoke of
I found her

In the embrace
Of the sweetness
From the carcass of Samson’s lion

I found her
Seeking and waiting for me
As I had been, for her

I found her
Just as my mind pictured her
Long before my eyes beheld her.

Ghosts of lovers past

They live with me
And haunt me
Daily rearing their heads
To mock my anguish

I’m all alone
There’s no one here
Beside me
But the ghosts

Floating through my thoughts
Lying beside me
And when I reach out
They drift into nothingness

I would embrace them
If they stayed
I would join my soul with theirs
As our lips touched

These ghosts
Of all the girls I have loved
Not necessarily
Those who have loved me.

The mating of the gods

I sheath my sword
And you call my name
It’s not the end
But the beginning

The sounds
Titillating the senses
The smell of intimacy
The heat burning the skin

Does it start with lightning
And end with thunder
Do we see flashes of light and explosions
When it happens

Does it start with a look
And the first smile
And Cupid took his book
And wrote our journey till its last mile

Will it end
With a white dress
And a bloody evening
An introduction to a new friend

Will there be a wedding
Will there be a bedding
Will the sheets turn crimson
Perhaps you think I am insane

In this day
In this age
For most the bloody day
Was without the white dress

But these worshipful beings
Dance this dance
To the music of thunder
And under the watchful eyes of lightning

The voyeurs of Olympus
Can only look on in envy
And shift
And shuffle

As we burn a hole in their memory
The first time
And soon another
The sun and moon in eternal embrace.


I’m walking away now
I don’t want to hear anything anymore
I just can take it anymore
It’s happened for too long already

Time has passed
Still you haven’t learnt
To value what you should
Perhaps you’re right not to

You’ve had your chance
As I now have mine
I tried too long
Now it’s goodbye

I loved you
It didn’t seem to mean much to you
What can I say

I tried to help you see
How lovable you could be
And stayed with you
Through your own hard times

Mine came
And all I could hear
Was the deafening silence
Of your unexpected absence

Wake me up
When the story ends
When the curtains drop
And you hear my last breath stop

I tried to be
Too many times
The one that stayed
The one that was true to you

My eyes were blinded
From the game that you played
A game I didn’t know
Being too innocent for real life

All the lives I have lived
And all the deaths I have endured
Did not prepare me for this
Dreamer that I was

And now frozen I stand
At the corner after your street
In this timeless pose
Waving my last goodbye to a dream that refused to come true.

Rescue me

From today
From despair
From this crushing loneliness

From pain
From misery
Rescue me

Come back
And tell me
How much you love me

Tell me
That forever
We will be together

If not
At least return
The heart I gave to you

Return the love
That I gave to you
That I might with it love another

I have wished to love another
And found myself unable to
Seeing that I gave it all to you

Would you care to be
Merciful to me
And return to rescue me.


Who will pray for us
After our voices have gone hoarse
Victims of longs hours of unanswered prayers

Perhaps we prayed
The wrong prayers
To the wrong one

Nobody told us
They expected us
To figure it out on our own

We have forgotten how to pray
Our supplications have fled from us in terror
Afraid at the sound of our broken hearts

We were not always this way
We were so sure of the plan
And of the future

Who did this to us
Who men have called royalty
And bowed to us in deference

It was all a sham
We didn’t notice early enough
And we enjoyed the attention

It is time to write
Another chapter
Or end the story altogether

To be or not to be
What shall it be
Who knows or cares

I do not
I don’t want to
Being weary from my mental exertions.

We are men

Sometimes people forget
Perhaps I should say
Mere mortals forget

Hold on
I didn’t give them the name
They chose it themselves

They chose
To see us as gods
And themselves as mere mortals

They chose to see
Every hero of their dreams
Every champion of a cause

Every one
Who has chosen to stand out
Either by skill or passion

They chose to see us as gods
Needing nothing but worship
Not having human needs

You were wrong
You are wrong
We are men

With our strengths as well as weaknesses
With our faults like every other
With our mistakes and pettiness

We are what we are
We do not claim to be more
You claim that we are

And sometimes you convince us
And we live believing you
Forgetting that we are just like you

And when we disappoint you
You punish us for waking you up
From the dream you lived in

You draw up bile from your well
And spew it on us in distaste
Forgetting you brought it on yourself

We did not choose to be gods
You made us so
Why blame us for what you did

We have always been men
We always will be
Stay awake and face this reality

We need to be loved
Just like you do
We need to be encouraged

It is true
That we can rise to daunting occasions and prevail
But we were high on adrenaline and your praise

When it wears off we like to cuddle
Like everyone else
You need to know this

Just so you won’t punish us
For being men
And hate us when we prove so

We make this confession humbly
Desiring your love and support
We are men.