Being strong

So many people want me to be
Strong for them
And I am
Most times

Other times like this
I need someone
To care enough for me
That I won’t need to be

Too many people
Want to get
Too few
Want to give

One gets tired
After a while
Of giving
And not getting

Sometimes I feel
Like I have been
Strong for too long
And for too many people.

Fragments of me

You come to me
Like others before you
For that one thing you want
That fragment you need

You come
For that one thing
Lacking in your own life
That I so freely give

Getting it you smile
And remember how to laugh
Joyful at last
Having the fragment you sought

How was I to know
That the look in your eyes
Was not love at all
But the result of the fragment of me you now have

Like others before you
Who took other fragments of me
Just like you have
You soon leave fulfilled

And in time my soul is stripped
Of the different fragments taken away
Leaving behind this one
Without all the fragments of me.


I cannot give you
Poetry today
Of all days

For what would gush
From my broken heart
Would be knives flying to hurt you

For my pain seeks
The company of yours
Knowing well that you birthed it

Today of all days
I have to smile and be merry
Because the one I smile at is you

Being charitable I would not
Repay you with the same coin you paid with
Misery and pain

I smile
In pain again.

Words and feelings

The words to say
The way to
Hide exactly how I feel

At a time and place
Where feelings can be
More than just a little awkward

You refrain from saying
All that threatens to
Come gushing all the way out

Just so you would not
Rock the boat
Ever so slightly

One goes weary of it
The seesaw
Of thoughts and emotions

They tell me
That at the end of the tunnel
Is light

I have not seen it yet
I fight to believe it
But grow weary

Sometimes even teary
In the shadow
Of prevailing circumstances

It was I
Who told a tale
Who painted dreams for men to see

Alas I forgot
To paint mine
Hence the days we see

I would fall asleep
If you would let me

Would you let me
Bow my head in submission and
Slip off into the shadows of eternity.